Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Caption Game!

Help us come up with a witty caption for either one of these photos! Leave you best caption in the comments section.

Photo #1
Photo #2


Jules said...

Is this organic?:)

Jules said...

Photo 1: Is this organic?
Photo 2: Sa-weet!

P. said...

#1: I have secured my future!
#2: My future tastes so sweet!
#3: Hand, mouth, repeat

Anonymous said...

No caption needed....he's just SOOOOOOOO cute:) Grandma misses you, so tell mom and dad to bring you for a visit! Love you, big guy! Grandma M.

Mel said...

I love little D. Christina, you are such a gooooooooooooood MOM. I'll be sending you your information soon. Melissa Bert