Saturday, July 12, 2008

Due to copious amounts of peer presure..

I figure I better get this post published before angry mobs form outside my window. This is a picture from my time in Seattle. Here we are eating some tasty Ethiopian Food! Dinkeneh even tried some of the Chick Peas. For those of you with eagle eye vision, yes, that is a Harar beer. However, I have to say that I much prefer St. George's beer. After dinner we stopped by the the Ethiopian Grocery Store across the street and they made my night; I was able to partake in some refreshingly cold St. George.


Mark and Sarah said...

Mmmmm...looks like a delicious meal :) Thanks for posting, Chris!

Jane said...

Good job Chris! Can't wait for you to post a new picture so I cansee how much he's grown!

Beth and Garrett said...

Would LOVE to get together but can't figure out how to email you!!!!