Friday, July 11, 2008

Grrrr...and a little sunshine

For those folks who want continuing updates on Aiden, be sure to post a comment here so Chris can see how many people are waiting for him to take pictures. This is one mama who would sure appreciate the back-up.

Grrr of the day: I have been working on my summer list, but have been continuously thwarted by how expensive announcements are. I thought I had come up with a clever and relatively inexpensive plan, only to discover that on the purchase page the company added $5 for each picture I included. After six hours designing the card (with no mention of a $5/pic charge, I might add), I am completely frustrated. Any ideas for affordable announcements would be greatly appreciated.

Sunshine today came in the form of a little conversation with A and a delicious blueberry milkshake. Confused? Yeah, me too ;)

And just because I miss him, here's a little blogosphere Mama-n-D time:


Jane said...

Christopher, bring on the pictures and videos and in your free time please mail us our brag book!

Life in the Bend said...

Have you looked at the Kodak website? I had thank you notes made with pictures of the kids and they weren't too expensive.

Chris, I always enjoy seeing pictures!

Flatulent said...

Hi Chris!

I check your site for update almost every day. I love learning what is going on with you guys!


Melanie said...

Of course PICs PICs PICs......yes of course we want pictures and lots of them. Momma needs to see the little man ALL the time!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I try to never miss any of your updates. I love seeing the most recent happenings with little D. Please keep them coming!! :)

Mark and Sarah said...

We want D! We want D! We want D! We want D! We want D! We want D! We want D! We want D! We want D! We want D! We want D! :)

Sarah from the Forum said...

I love reading the blog and seeing new pictures of the handsome D!

As to friend did hers with either or They have photo card options that are plain, but affordable.

Anonymous said...

Ebay also great customizable announcements. Try them.

Anonymous said...

Of course we want to see postings and pictures. I look at this almost every night. It has been amazing watching him grow since I rarely get to see him. He is so adorable. But what are we to call him. Sometimes, I see D, Sometimes, Aiden, and then Christina's name, Squirticus(?)
Did you check out Shutterfly? Jenn had books made for us thru them and I don't think they were too expensive.
Mrs. J

Anonymous said...

Vistaprint has customizable announcements at a pretty good price.