Monday, July 28, 2008

Why We Love Fremont, Reason 472

It's 10 pm on a Sunday night; we're in the living room getting ready to watch a movie when suddenly we hear . . . is that a marching band?!?! 30 seconds later we sprint out the door to find this:

Just another reason we love this city. The band--the What Cheer? Brigade--is based out of Providence, Rhode Island. Apparently they were wrapping up their West Coast tour in style - and we certainly appreciated it! You can learn more about the What Cheer? Brigade here.

EDIT: Based on a comment and some web sleuthing, it appears that the band in the video is actually the Titanium Sporkestra, a new Seattle-based band. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a website for them (except a random MySpace page, but since I don't MySpace...). So, Spork, I'm happy to link to TS - just provide me with the addy. And lest I forget, thanks for the clarification! You folks were awesome!

EDIT 2: Thanks BlackBox. Here's your link, kind readers: Titanium Sporkestra


Mark and Sarah said...

I think I heard that all the way across town!! :) I'm glad you love Seattle--I really really hope you move back next summer with D!

Mama Papaya said...

I second Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the band playing in that clip is Titanium Sporkestra, a new Seattle-based drumline. We were trading songs with What Cheer?. (They're the ones not playing in the clip) Glad you liked it; we had a blast!


BlackBox said... for more info about Titanium Sporkestra.

We will be at Burning Man as well as Honk Fest on the East Coast in October.