Saturday, August 30, 2008

What I Be

Chris and I are fans of Michael Franti's music, so when I came across this book I thought, "I have to have it!" The book is based on a Franti & the Spearheads song of the same name. Although the song is definitely not appropriate for children (at least the last verse isn't, in my opinion), the song's theme is terrific, and I'm pretty sure Franti edited out that last bit anyway when he wrote the book. I can't imagine he expected parents to ask their children if they dreamed of being latex (I'll let you Google the rest). However, the first two verses are:

If I could be the sun
I'd radiate like Africa and
Smile upon the world
Intergalactic love laughter and
If I were the rains, I'd wash away the whole world's pain and
Bring the gift of cool like ice cream trucks on sunny days and
If I was the earth I'd be like mountains bountiful
And if I were the sky so high, I'd be like wind invincible and
If I could be a seed, I would give birth to redwood trees and
If I were the trees, I'd generate the freshest air to breathe in

What I be, is what I be
What I be, is what I be
well, well, well, movin on!
well, well, well, movin on!
Do you love someone? Do you love somebody?
Love that one!

If I could be the leaves, then like jade I would stay evergreen and
Spread my limbs out wide and pull love so close to me and
If I could be the roots, I would dig deep like ancestry and
If were the fruits, you'd make the sweetest cherry pie from me and
If I could be the night, my moon replace all electric lights and
Magic music would transmit from outer space on satellites
If I myself could be the ocean, you would feel emotion all the time and
If I were the words, then everything that everybody said would rhyme


Unfortunately, the cost + shipping is $30, which is a little steep for a children's book, in my opinion--even if it does come with a CD. I checked on Amazon and it's listed as $11 or so, but doesn't go on sale until sometime in 2009. Oh, well. Until then, I guess I'll just enjoy the cover art.

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