Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The 30 'til 30 Countdown Begins

It's true. In 30 days, I will turn the big 3-0. For a long while, I was in denial. Then a good friend of mine told me how she thought her best year would be the year she turned 40, when she would be a razor-sharp attorney, sporting a sleek gray bob and terrorizing the lesser legal minds of lower Manhattan. She relayed this vision with such enthusiasm that I thought, okay, I can do 30. Yes, yes, 30 is no problem. That lasted until 3 days ago. Then reality set in. Now I am in full mid-midlife crisis mode. And if you think I'm kidding...just ask my husband. Or anyone who sits within three seats of me at school.

Trust me: This. is. not. going. well.

So today I decided: whatever the heck will make me feel even marginally better, I'm doing it. This isn't about denying my approach to the 30s. This is about making sure I feel damn good when I get there.

Day 1: I arrived 5 minutes late to Alternative Dispute Resolution because I was getting ten piggies prettified in pink:

I haven't yet decided what Day 2 holds in store for me. Feel free to throw out suggestions, people.


Mama Papaya said...

Cake for breakfast and wine for dinner, my dear.

At 28 I dreaded 30. But then at 30 I dreaded 28. Time is a funny thing.

Happy almost 30 Mama!

shelby said...

Just a point of clarification - the sleek gray bob (and its tourquoise accoutrement) doesn't happen until you're 50. I'm 39, has to be that way. Or, I'm gonna freak. And the 30s by far, so much better than the 20s. There's wisdom, and the ability to care less about what others think. At least for me. By the way, your son is adorable and I'm sure has a massive fan base.

FrogMom said...

For my 30th, I had a slumber party. We rented teen movies and "13 going on 30", made s'mores, etc.

It was the first slumber party I ever had where no one ended up crying and the girls weren't also sleeping on opposite sides of the room talking dirt about each other. Maybe that's because it was my first slumber party with liquor?

Arielle said...

I turn 30 is 17 days, and I definitely feel your pain. I was sure that 30 wouldn't bother me at all. My husband is almost 32, many of my friends are 30, and I'm feeling pretty good about where my life has taken me. Despite that, 30 is definitely not coming up quietly or comfortably.

No good suggestions for things to do as you approach your 30s. (Actually, if you come up with some, I may try them to see if it helps me at all.)

Good luck!

SC said...

Make a list of something NEW you will try or do every year from now on. Don't just stop there... start planning now how to accomplish the next one. Could be as simple as learning to like a new veggie, learning a new language, taking a class totally out of your normal style etc. Just to add some excitment, plan something BIG for every 5 years... like a one month excursion someplace... etc.

Anonymous said...

I guess that means it's 39 days until I'm 30, huh? Here's an idea for day 2... take a page from your friend Judy's book of life, and realize that it's just a number... it means nothing... and everything will be okay. After that eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. BTW -- we're going ice skating or rock climbing for my big 3-0 celebration (I haven't decided which yet)... make plans now to be in Henderson for the festivities!

Love you,
Judy :)

Tiny's Mom said...

Turning 30 was fine but 31 felt worse. 31 is stepping over the threshold into the "30's" (gasp!) Enjoy your year!!!