Thursday, September 18, 2008

Choco Cherry Love Blizzard (Day 2)

Boring, I know, but when your 11.5 month old wakes up at 4 am and refuses to go back to sleep, a choco-cherry love blizzard is about all you can handle.


Anonymous said...

ooohhhhh.... that looks amazing!!! ok, you talked me into it. stop twisting my arm. i'll go get one after work!! so what's for Day 3?!?!?

Chatter said...

YUM! I love blizzards. Although I'm personally a fan of oreo and butterfinger. I know, I know, I need to live a little.

Anonymous said...

please tell me he at least got a bite of that!?! i mean getting up at 4a.m., staying awake AND driving mom so crazy that she resorts to DQ!!!! Now that is hard work and takes talent. that definetely deserves some sort of treat!

Don't you worry Aiden!!! your aunties are on their way home soon enough and we will give you AAALLLL the treats you want!! muuhhaahhaaa!
love you guys!!


P. said...

For your birthday, get a babysitter and try a new restaurant. Maybe even try a new drink.

Or have a party with some friends at your house.

Or have your friends meet you at a new restaurant.

Or invite yourself to a pity party and drink lots of alcohol.

Remember that age is a state of mind. 30 is just a number. You mind attaches meaning to it.

Anonymous said...

this is for the soon-to-be birthday boy!!!! i bought your birthday present today!!! yay!! and for christina....hhmmm...i still haven't thought of anything for you. so chris, if you have some suggestions...feel free to let me know. PLEASE!! hope you guys have a good weekend!! and as for what to do next christina....brazilian, that's all i'm gonna say. love ya!

shell said...

i am tired thinking of it
keith and i are 30 next year!!!

Anonymous said...

ok seriously....i can't look at that blizzard anymore. it's making me fat just looking at it!! do you know that b/c of this picture i've had icecream every day this week!!! thanks, thanks alot!! oh yeah, when you get a chance would you send me an email with your address please?? love you guys!!


P. said...

So what did you do for your 30th???