Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ha-Ha-Ha, Bla-Bla-Bla

The ha-ha-ha I knew about, but the bla-bla-bla? Seriously, where did this kid come from?



cathy said...

That just about made me cry from the memories that came flooding back of my own kids as babies. I love the non-stop wiggling going on in that high chair. He seems pretty happy about life. What a joy!

Cindy said...

Absolutely adorable! almost makes me miss having a baby.....ha

Jane said...

Well, his Grandmom understood every word. He was telling you how much he misses us and that it's time to come visit!

Anonymous said...

This video just put a huge smile on my face and put me in a good mood. Miss you guys!! and p.s. I LOVE that "Timmy" went to the hospital and apparently isn't a bad sleeping buddy either. :)

Love ya!

Deirdre said...

That is so cute it hurts!