Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who's Impatient?

Putting it together

Thanks for the help, D


Maybe he needs a little help...

...maybe not.

Yeah, we caved and gave D his birthday present a little early - like, last week. Mama and Dada were a little anxious (read: they wanted to play with the colorful wooden blocks). He absolutely loves it, and so do we. It's wooden, it's colorful, it makes no obnoxious noises - what more could two parents ask for?

Dada playing with the blocks

He claims it's a pirate...I'm not so sure.


Mama Papaya said...

You know, Figs still plays with that one a whole 18 month later. One of the few toys that has transitioned from baby, to toddler, to going on 13. She now refers to it as her vacuum. Perhaps a little too much time with Nana. ;) But I will give her that it looks more like a vacuum than that there err..pirate.

Jess said...

Oh gosh he is so gorgeous!