Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Play

Although the temperature was a bit on the chilly side, we ventured to a nearby park yesterday to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and weak sunshine. While D seemed less than enthused about the giant green dinosaur, he did get to indulge in his latest fascination: very tall trees. Every time we are outside, he shrieks with excitement and cranes his neck upwards. He seems less intrigued with the actual leaves than with the sheer height and motion of the trees. A couple of weeks ago, D and I were sitting on the campus lawn outside Chris's building, waiting for him to get off work, when D became very, um, "attached" to the large pine there. He proceeded to throw his arms around the trunk and kiss the bark enthusiastically (with an open mouth, I might add). I got a couple of strange looks from passers-by, and one concerned citizen stopped to ask, "What on earth is he doing?" But hey, I did check pre-french kiss to ensure that no colony of ants were going to get a little too much lovin'. What can I say? This proud mama adores her little treehugger.

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Jane said...

Guess he truly is related to his Uncle Jon!!! One Halloween, Jon only wanted to be a tree trimmer. Nothing we said or any costume we showed him would change Jon's mind. I'm sure our neighbors thought we'd lost our minds sending him out in a hard hat and carry a toy chain saw!