Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At Last: November 4th

It's not the hand that signs the laws that holds the destiny of America. It's the hand that casts the ballot.

Harry S. Truman

This is one of my all-time favorite political quotes. When I was the president of the Undergraduate Political Science Association at Wash U, we placed it on the backs of our t-shirts: I still wear that t-shirt today (and yeah, it's old!). Never, do I think, has this quote been truer. We can lay as much blame as we want on the current administration's policies, deserved though that blame may be, but at the end of the day, we citizens control our own destiny. Bubbling in that oval next to Senator Obama's name was surreal, wonderful, exhilarating, awesome...actually, just indescribable. So what are you waiting for? Go Barack your vote!


Heather & Adam said...

Girl, you got this posted RIGHT AT 12 am. Haha. I can't even sleep tonight, much less tomorrow night.

cathy said...

We are Barackin' and Rollin' at our house!!!!!!

kristine said...

Thanks for coming to my blog - I'm happy it helped me find yours. Are you in Indiana? Indiana rocks!!!! They really stepped up to the plate. I'm originally from Chicago and have been through Northern Indiana many times.

Your little boy is gorgeous!

Yeah us!!!

Bennett said...

Yes what a night to witness.........I slept very little last night myself. Found your blog and wanted to drop you a line.........What a handsome little fella you have........

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stop by when ever u can to follow my journey.....