Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our First Family Halloween

Apparently, the second time was not the charm for the Franklin costume. The look probably wasn't helped by the terrifying teeth (yeah, I caved), and it also didn't help that D was diagnosed with pink-eye on Wednesday and a double ear infection on Friday. And then Mama forces him into a giant, heavy green thing and trots him about to meet about a thousand people, all while he is supposed to be taking his afternoon nap. Poor kid. But it was our first Halloweeeeeen (can you hear the whine?). Luckily for Mama, he perked up pretty quickly. Otherwise, it could have been really ugly.

Our first trick-or-treating excursion took place in the law school, where children of the faculty, staff, and students were invited to make their way around the building showing off their costumes and grabbing some goodies. It was nice to have an indoor venue; it wasn't nice to lug 40 lbs. (costume + kiddo) up three $@#!# flights of stairs. And since D is so small, I didn't think it was necessary to actually take the candy; I just wanted to show him off. Let's just say this part of my plan did not please the significant other. The look on Chris's face when I explained the lack of goodies was halfway between irate and crestfallen.

Next, since there was a home game this weekend, we went outside to watch the band march across campus for the pep rally. Despite his looks of puzzlement in the photos, D really enjoyed the band (and all the attention he got from passers-by).

After Chris got off work, we went to a neighborhood located close to our condo so that Chris and D could do a little treating. I don't know if it was Dada, the fabulous weather, the catnap, or the general sense of merriment amongst the Halloween-goers, but D was suddenly in a fantabulous mood.

Grabbing a few winks before t-or-t'ing with Dada

Again with the trees :)

And obviously, unlike Mama, Dada was sure to get some goodies on his own - I mean, D's - behalf. (Visualize me shaking my head here.)

All-in-all, we Officially had a wonderful first Halloween as a family of three. As I've mentioned before, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and eight months of Waiting was definitely worth it!


FrogMom said...

I think the pacifier is fantastic. Sorry Christina!

Franklin is wildly popular at our house, and I love that there isn't a single kid's issue that his books don't address - going to the doctor? check. messy room? check. lying? check. too much computer? check.

shell said...

i loved the whole post! he looks adorable and i could totally picture the face you gave chris. :) i am sure every wife/mother has that face! some of us just have to use it more then others!

Mark and Sarah said...

Ah-ha! I just caught the "O-fficially W-aiting" clue in this post! Only took me 3.5 months! Congratulation again. I can't wait to see Dinkeneh as a BIG brother! Too sweet.