Friday, December 12, 2008

I Give to You

my top ten
Google Keywords That Led to This Blog

  1. "Figlette Blogspot" (Believe it or not, this is the #2 most commonly searched term that has led to my blog. Figs, while your popularity does not surprise me, this ranking certaintly does. My apologies to all the disappointed Figs fans out there, although really, I think D is pretty cool, too!)
  2. "Biruk pronunciation" (Go to this blog)
  3. "how do i pronounce eskedar" (Go to this blog - are we noticing a trend, here?)
  4. "thankful for my little brother" (yeah, me too!)
  5. "titanium sporkestra" (hahahaha, really?)
  6. "why am i disappointed in myself" (wow - i'm not sure the answer to that question is going to be found in the blogosphere...but for what it's worth, i'm sorry you're disappointed!)
  7. "image of a mad cat" (um, what?)
  8. "brown bear brown bear what do you see" (wow, i wonder how many pages in this searcher had to go)
  9. "" (okay, gross)
  10. "christina" ( on earth?)
P.S. - Mama P, are you allowing link love again?


Mark and Sarah said...

Very very revealing, eh? LOL! Did you use Google Analytics to figure this out?

AnnMarie & Nick said...

I didn't mention that we were paperchasing, we were waiting to tell people until we were "offical". We LOVED CHSFS but decided we were ready for a different experience so this round we are with BFAS. So when does the 12 days of x-mas start? Does it end on x-mas or x-mas eve? Or does it start on X-mas?

CHATTER said...

I have no idea how you do all these fancy things with your blog but that is pretty funny. I would ask you to share the secrets but I know you are a little too busy for all of that stuff. Let's see some more pics of beautiful D!! He is adorable. Loved your book list too!

Anonymous said...

My kid is so much cooler than I am. Not sporkestra cool though. Some of these really make ya wonder. ;)

Link away Christina Titanium Pink Eye Bear, mistress of all things pronunciation.

Deirdre said...

Why are my search words so boring? Like, "saffrondaisy blog" and "blog saffrondaisy." I like yours much better!

This does bring me to some blog feedback I've been wanting to offer for some time now: Enough about the kid, let's talk more about pink eye!