Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh, the Things D Says

D in CHSFS care center, circa January 2008
  1. r-owe (lion)
  2. boooo (cow)
  3. oh oh oh (santa)
  4. kaw kaw (parrot)
  5. ah-ah-ah-ah (sheep)
  6. buh (book)
  7. baba (bottle)
  8. mama (self-explanatory)
  9. dada (self-explanatory again)
  10. nana (banana)
  11. cuh (car)
  12. at (that - applies to anything he can't say, including "light")
  13. wow (self-explanatory; used anytime he's excited)
  14. no-no-no (self explanatory; almost always said in 3s)
  15. kah-kah (kittycat; frequently confused with parrot, but D becomes angry and gestures at cats when Mama and Dada are being dense)
  16. buh buh (bubbles)
That's it. That's all I can think of.

ETA: 17. Doodoo (dog dog)

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the ben show said...

So sweet. Also, I'm a freak and a half b/c that library picture in your other post gave me goosebumps. Yeah, I love libraries. And books.