Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Winners

The winners of the Reader's Choice Award were....#3 and #6! (Okay, there was actually a tie between #5 and #6, but as the mama I get to break it :) ).

If anyone would like a Christmas Card, feel free to make a comment with your name and address (don't worry, I won't publish the comments), and explain who you are and how you know us. As long as I know you in some capacity, you can expect your Christmas card in 4-6 weeks (okay, just kidding, but it will arrive sometime during the actual 12 days of Christmas...I hope :) ).

Thanks for voting, everyone!


Jill said...

Do I really need to leave my name & address or do you know where to find me/us? YES we would love a card!!! :p

Anonymous said...

I want a card please... my name is Judy and I've known you for quite some time. :) I think that's enough info for you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. J want a card.
Any one will do since the two you picked are the same ones I voted for. Luv you guys! Hope to see you at Xmas.