Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 2008

Uncle Joe & D

Aunt Katie & D

D on Christmas Morning (ignore the date)

Our first Christmas as a family of three was fabulous. I always regret that finals keep me from engaging in the holiday season until, oh, about four days before the big event. Luckily, or should I say hopefully, this was the last year with finals interference. Next year, baby, Christmas comes early to this household!

We spent Christmas at my parents' house in Kentucky. As usual, there was a houseful. So far, all eight of us have managed to be at home for Christmas, and we have such a good time when we get together! I think Joe won the poker tournament this year, and we forgot to hold the annual Scrabble tournament. I think D threw us off our game a bit :). Anyway, we had a blast, so I'll let the pictures do the talking...

The Family

Chris & D listening while Grandpa reads "The Night Before Christmas"

Uncle Joe & D

Auntie Em & D

Auntie Em & D

Uncle B-Man & D


Mark and Sarah said...

Looks like a jolly good time!
I'm not sure I've heard you describe your family make-up, but it looks like there are five girls, then three boys!? Wow! Five girls. Wow again. Must have been (and still is as you noted) a lot of fun.

Christina said...

Hmmm...I guess maybe I never have! I'll edit the post or make a new one, since it might be good to order the siblings :). But yes, there were five girls and then three boys. It was crazy fun growing up!

Auntie Em said...

Oh yay!! I love all of the pics. And you are very welcome for the gifts mentioned in the previous blog. :) Love you guys!