Monday, January 26, 2009

Circles and Triangles and Squares - Oh My!

We're working on our three basic shapes right now. D gets really excited when we ask him, "Where is the [circle/square/triangle]?" He runs to his $1.99 shapes poster and points to...yeah, well, we're still working on it. :) It is super-cute that he knows where the "shapes" are located. And of course, we're also working with shapes in the bathtub and with the shape sorter, and we point out everyday items that have a particular shape. On Saturday, I got really tickled when I asked D where the circle was and he pointed to his spoon handle. Sure enough, I looked closer and there were three tiny shapes--a circle, square, and triangle--on the handle. My own baby Einstein.


Jane said...

I certainly have the world's most brilliant and precious grandson! Way to go D! Way to help him learn mom and dad!

Anonymous said...

i love the way he squats when he's playing!! i have a picture of him like that from christmas! too cute. love you guys!