Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Family Movie Night

We're not really T.V. watchers. I'd say on average, we use our cable (which comes with the condo, otherwise we wouldn't have it) about 1 hour every two weeks, except during the college basketball season, when we watch a game or two a week. We do watch 1 to 2 movies a week, depending on how busy our schedule is. Fox Searchlight films are a particular favorite, but we have pretty eclectic tastes, so just about anything goes. Since we don't watch movies until D goes to bed, just about the only television he sees is college basketball. No Disney, no Baby Einstein, nada. I think he watches a bit of television at his daycare, although if I had my choice, I'd probably nix it all. Cruel mama, I know.

Auntie Em, in a shameless bid for auntie of the year, gifted D with his first Disney movie this Christmas. Apparently, she thinks he's deprived. Since I'm already known to be the Christmas Scrooge (yeah, I told people that plastic gifts would be directly delivered to Goodwill as we'd reached our quota), I thought about hiding Peter Pan in the deep dark recesses of our movie collection. My better half won out, however, and Sunday night we officially celebrated our first Family Movie Night.

It lasted through the previews. The remainder of the evening was spent gnawing on the cardboard cover. Nice.


Auntie Em said...

Well...I'm at least glad you tried it! Being able to sit through an entire movie takes time to get accustomed to. :) Love you guys and I'm glad he at least liked the cover!

Anonymous said...

What!!?!? you let him chew on the case!!! just kidding. it's about time. i'm right there with aunty em, you haven't lived until you've seen peter pan.....or ANY disney movie for that matter;) i'm so proud of you! i miss you guys!!

love ya,