Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Wally Ball Conondrum

So what if it's the NIT? Go Irish!

True story: D thinks that a blank wall is called "ball." Really. And it cannot be blamed on a "w" deficiency. For those who are quick, you're already laughing. I will have a lot of explaining to do when D goes to preschool believing walls miraculously turn into basketball displays. Why does he believe this? Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C. Well, okay, there's no Exhibit C, I just like sets of three. Yes, we own a projector. No, we don't own a television set. Yes, we really only watch college basketball. Yes, my son walks into people's homes, points at blank walls, and hopefully screams "Ball?!" at the top of his little lungs.

I am so proud.


Rachel said...

That's hilarious:-)

Jill said...

FREAKING FREAKING FREAKING hysterical!!!!! :) I love it!!! I also love that he's in a big boy bed ~ and totally impressed!! We're too afraid of midnight visitors to transfer him into a big boy'll come. :)

Jess said...

Oh so funny!

Heather said...

That is awesome! "Ball!" ha ha

Love that he's in a big boy bed. He is so adorable.

Good luck with finals and the court date! May will be a very busy and exciting month. You have so much on your plate for this summer! Sounds a lot like me... we got married, moved to a new town, started new jobs, moved again to our new house, and got a dog all in a 6 mo. period. Craziness ;).