Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Steps

I hate getting poked, but my babies are worth it. Second round for Hep A - check. Polio - nope, because my husband refuses to pay for it until we know if the health department is cheaper. Go you, Chris. I would have plunked down the $75/person just to get'er done. Everything else is still good from our immunization round last January, including...yellow fever! Woohoo! That saves us a nice big chunk o' change. Still debating whether we'll spring for Malaria meds this time. Last time we paid out the nose and then didn't touch them. We'll see...

On an unrelated note, it was a very very very very very very good day at Ben's house today. Go on over and soak up the good vibes, even if you won't have any idea what's going on. Trust me, there is magic in the air. Congrats, Ben and family!

And since I always feel weird making posts sans art, I dug into the archives for these old pics that didn't make the blog cut the first time round. The globe is now mind. Happy Earth Day!

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Tim said...

Do you do to the Merrill Pharmacy in Mishawaka? I got my travel shots there, and it was pretty reasonable. They have a travel nurse on staff who can prescribe meds, give shots, etc., without an appointment. I'm with you... shots are terrible. :)