Friday, April 24, 2009

Countdowns and Celebrations


Pages Left to Write: 10
First Final: 7 days
Last Final Ever: 12 days
Court Date: 13 days
Graduation: 23 days
Meeting Sprout: ?? days

There's a lot happening in our neck of the woods.

It's good to be busy.


Happy Birthday to Sprout, who is 5 months old today. In a magically perfect world, we would meet before her 6 month birthday. Here's to hoping!

And congratulations to the Holt families who successfully passed court on their first try. There are several more families with court dates over the next few weeks, including us. Hopefully the good luck holds!


Jess said...

good luck!

Jen and Dan said...

Happy 5mo b-day Sprout and congrats on the countdown to your finals! YAY!

We are keeping our fingers crossed there is just one pass through on court, and that sprout is in your arms in no time. Thinking of you guys!

Mark and Sarah said...

You do have MUCH to celebrate! I kind of want to fast forward one month just to really celebrate!!

AnnMarie & Nick said...

This is a very big month for you, You're in my thoughts as is your little Sprout!

cathy said...

I really can't think of a better scenario... being that busy until court. Perfect! You won't have too much time to fret for Sprout. I have the champagne chilling for you for when it's all over!

Flatulent said...

May the angels keep Sprout safe and comforted while she waits for her Mom, Dad and big brother!

I hope you make it though court the first time around and bring Sprout home to be loved by her entire family!