Thursday, May 28, 2009

Making Memories

Betsy has this great habit of posting lists of things she doesn't want to forget about her two little ones, so I thought I'd take a page out of her book, er, blog. D is changing so much these days...

  • He adores the yellow lines in the middle of the road and in parking lots. I think he thinks they are specially made just for him, and he has to walk down every. last. one. he. sees. Yes, this creates a road hazard, and no, it's clearly not teaching him good things about safety. But his enthusiastic screeching of "ye!!!" (his word for yellow) every three feet while he simultaneously crouches down and jabs at the paint is just too fun.
  • Yellow (ye) is his favorite color and he identifies it 90% of the time. Blue (boo) is a close second (75%). Green (geen) comes in third (50%). Red, brown, and purple he'll repeat but seldom identifies, and he could care less about orange.
  • He obsesses about clocks and loves to twirl the hands of the clock that has been without batteries for quite some time now (Dinkeneh thanks you for the clock, Jill :)).
  • He's a bit of a narcissist. What do I mean? The kid may not watch "t.v.," but he spends about 20ish minutes a day watching his lifebook video, adoption video, and other home videos. I'm a little embarrassed that he now knows them so well that he reenacts what is about to happen on the video before it happens. Here he is watching Dinkeneh and Temesgen:

  • He still adores Temee the Teddy. When he wakes up in the morning, he comes into the hallway where he can see us getting ready, lays down on the floor and uses Temee as a pillow.
  • He loves to give spontaneous hugs.
  • He knows the letter D and identifies it without prompting. I thought for a while that he called all letters D, but it's now confirmed that he definitely gets this one most of the time. I was eating lunch with him at the kitchen table yesterday when he began screaming "D! D! D!" and pointing across the table. I was confused at first, but then realized that he was pointing at a takeout bag from HACIENDA (don't judge). I silently handed him the bag and he jabbed his finger at the D, shouted "D!" and started clapping. What a fruitloop.
  • He picks out shapes from every day things. Yesterday he stopped on the last stair, pointed to the square tiles in the entry, and shouted "Quare!" And today, it was "see" (circle) for the therapist's toy and the circles on his stroller.
  • He usually has a favorite book of the day. Today it was "How Are You Peeling?" I think between Chris and I, we read it 12 times. Someone shoot me now.
  • He likes to suck the toothpaste off his toothbrush, but refuses to allow anyone to brush his teeth.
  • He still shouts "uh oh!" when anything falls on the floor.
  • He twirls on command, then walks into things and falls down.
  • He chases the cats for minutes on end, shreaking with laughter. Poor Matilda and Petra. Just when they were beginning to tolerate his presence...
  • Still hates his baby doll. I caught him babbling to the doll the other day, but he suddenly frowned, shouted "no no no!" and threw the doll across the bed. No idea, but so glad I never saw Chucky.
  • He just started counting. Makes me wonder if he's not sneaking out on the sly to meet "Rah-Rah," counting girl extraordinaire, since he started counting the day before Betsy posted. Of course, his counting isn't nearly as sophisticated as Rah-Rah's (or as, um, boisterous). He seems to be under the impression that "one" is the functional equivalent of "go!" Our counting conversations go something like this:

    Mama: One!
    Dinkeneh: two, free, six, yay! (much clapping ensues, and the six is optional)
  • Despite our initial concerns, the kid has the hearing of a hawk. He hears airplanes before we do, points out the window, and yells "pane!" Completely freaked the therapist out today when she said, "I don't think so," and then a plane appeared. Way to go, D.
  • We think he knows the number 2. He was watching his Hello, Dinkeneh adoption video (part 2), and began screaming "2! 2!" when the room number came on the screen. Since we've never told him what the room number was, I'm going to take that as a sign that he's going to do better than me in Calculus. Sweet.
  • Still loves to read (thank goodness). I recently made the mistake of buying him a new board book and giving it to him for the car ride home. I arrived home to see a nice Dinkeneh-sized bite taken out of the back cover. Books taste good too, apparently.
  • When he eats something he likes, he immediately says "mmmm good!" with his mouth full of food.


Mama Papaya said...

Oh yes. You definitely needed to get these down in print. You are pretty amazing D.

Oh and D, when you come visit, because you really should, will you work with Figs on yellow? Please? It is getting embarrassing.

Chatter said...

What a great list! Love the note about his teddy. Biruk does the same thing with his doll (uses it as a pillow). You are getting VERY big D!!!

Jill said...

I love love love love this list, idea courtesy of Betsy...can I steal the ideal too? I LOVED it because it gave SUCH a wonderful glimpse into his little personality, all the little things that make him all the more loveable!!! :) And though I don't mind taking credit for it, if we gave him that clock (?) I have ABSOLUTELY no recollection of it, for what it's worth?!? ;) HA!! Thanks for the happy happy list of the happy (and brilliant!) little man! Hugs honey!

Auntie Em said...

I'm glad you made this post...I feel just a little bit closer to Dinkeneh now. :) ...AND it made me laugh out loud at work. :)