Friday, May 8, 2009

Whose Day?

So today, someone commented that it would be a very special Mother's Day for me.

My response: "Oh my gosh, when is Mother's Day?" And in my head, "Crap crap crap; do I have time to buy cards for our moms today? Nooooo."

The woman looked at me as if I were crazy. But whatever.

I shared the story with Chris, and he replied, "Oh good grief. I only thought about our moms; I forgot you were a mom! Do I have to do something for you?"

Yeah, I'm thinking no, since apparently neither of us ever remembers that we're parents.

In Chris's words: "We don't do "days" around here."

Take that, Hallmark.


the ben show said...

Yes, you need to be honored girlfriend. Happy Mother's Day!!!!

J said...

We don't do "days" around here.Chris, I love you.

Chatter said...

We don't do "days" around here really either. I got to sleep in this morning and now enjoying the day with the family. Hope you had 'just another' fabulous day :)

Anonymous said...

When you are engaged parents, everyday is Mother's (and Father's) Day and worthy of celebration!!