Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy Busy

8:45 am - leave home to walk to play date

9:05 am - meet up with B, A & N

9:15 am - arrive at the new home of S, H, T, J, B & A. So happy they are now within walking distance!

11:15 am - start the walk home

11:45 am - arrive home, start lunch

12:25 pm - finish lunch, time for D's nap

12:40 pm - start dishes

1:00 pm - finish dishes; start scrubbing kitchen floor

1:30 pm - finish scrubbing kitchen floor

1:45 pm - sit down to relax for a second

1:46 pm - please tell me that's not Dinkeneh I hear. he's supposed to sleep for another hour!

2:00 pm - ^&#@$@%! He's up.

2:05 pm - read books

2:25 pm - okay, must do something other than read all afternoon; play with sensory table.

2:35 pm - why do toddlers have the attention spans of gnats?

2:40 pm - play "shapes"

2:42 pm - crayon time

2:45 pm - someone shoot me now

3:00 pm - phone rings. hello friend!

[Won't mention how long we talked, except to say that it got me through to Chris coming home]

8:00 pm - D asleep; Mama asleep.

11:00 pm - Crap; now I can't sleep.

To borrow a line from this lovely lady: Are you having a good day? :)


*Jess* said...

Yep, sounds like the life of a stay-at-home mom! I've been doing this for 7 years now and the only advice I have for you is to leave the house twice a day. Once in the morning before coming home for lunch/nap. And once in the late afternoon. It kills time, keeps littles occupied, and you feel accomplished. Also, don't clean while he naps. You can clean most anything (except the kitchen floor, perhaps) while he's awake. Take that nap time for YOU to re-charge, watch a tv show or read a book. You'll feel much better, I promise!

Mark and Sarah said...

Sounds all too familiar :)
I do have to say that once little Sprout comes home and they start playing together, you will have some TIME to not be entertaining D. They will play together, and often (I imagine) get into mischief (which you can often ignore if it's not life-threatening). Ahhh, life with a sibling is great. I also agree with jess that getting out in the morning and afternoon is great. Even if it's just to the park. Or if the weather is decent, outside in your backyard. Do you have a water table? Those things rock and take up lots of time :)

cathy said...

I so remember those days... and it made me seriously question my ability to be a mom. I knew other moms who REVELED in days like that, and all I could do was watch the clock and beg it to move faster. It's so much more fun now when I can holler at my kids "Go outside and play"--and the do. It's like a bloody miracle. However, late at night... when I'm almost asleep and not quite lucid... I almost miss the baby moments.

Chatter said...

LOL. I just started coming to grips with being a stay at home (after 3.5 years). And for the longest time I beat myself up for disliking it so much. I swore there was something wrong with me. I'll try to call you soon! Help you kill some time until Chris gets home :)

Heather said...

Oh wow, sounds like fun! I think.... I'll be home for six weeks and then my mother-in-law is taking over in the mornings 'til Brian gets home from court. I started buying sensory tables and all kinds of things to keep toddlers busy, hoping that my mother-in-law won't go crazy. It's been more than twenty years since she had a toddler in the house! Once Shea is potty trained, he's headed to Montessori pre-school. Will D go to pre-school?

Christina said...

Thanks everyone! Heather, we're going to try to get D into our local public Montessori pre-school. If that doesn't work, he'll hopefully be headed to the university's pre-school, assuming he gets selected from the wait-list. Joy :).

shell said...

we loved hanging out and must do it again sooon!!!