Monday, June 8, 2009

First Harvest

We purchased a half-share in a local organic co-op, and this Saturday Chris brought home our first basket of produce. He took some photos, but they have mysteriously disappeared from the camera (I'll let you guess who takes the most photos around here). So a written rundown will have to suffice: a handful of strawberries, a few radishes, and a heck of a lot of green stuff. I'm looking forward to some more color, but for now our salads are very tasty. I'm sad to think there won't be much squash, though, given who is working that section. Why do I doubt dear spouse's farming abilities (other than the fact that he thinks two hours at the farm in a cool mist is the functional equivalent of toiling in the fields)? An illustration:

Chris: We have squash bugs.
Me: Ewww. That doesn't sound good.
Chris: I know.
Me: So, what do you have to do to get rid of them?
Chris: *silence* ... squash them?


Meredith said...

We are a member of our local CSA and I have never seen so many greens in all my life. Most of it I can't even identify, but we've been eating a whole lot of salad and lots of wilted greens. I'm getting anxious for the really good stuff to start coming.

shell said...

how fun!!!
we do 'to your door produce' from up in Michigan. They travel to about 30 local farms, but a basket together and then yes, the best part, DROP IT AT YOUR DOOR. :) Perfect for those of us who want to play, but don't have time with little kids to go to the farm!!

thebenshow said...

I love it. That little conversation totally cracked me up!

Little Bagel said...

Heehee, don't question him. He's "been working in the fields" for quite some time now!!! :)

Julie said...

Chris - this is why I think you are the most awesome brother-in-law I could ever have!!! I think I'm crying...:)