Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spontaneous Reorganization

Chris and I spent the weekend reorganizing just about every room in our home. Apparently D decided to get in on the action.

Dancing for joy upon finding the bottom of the drawer.

Caption for the next several shots: "What is all this crap?! Purge, people, Purge!"

Caption for the next two shots: "Hey man, check it out - green duds. And frogs. Cool. These can stay."


Anonymous said...

Aunt Boolie would be so proud!!!(i think her middle name is Purge!!!!) some days it just feels good to reorganize(or "throw" things around to make it look like you reorganized!!!) i hope you're making lots of room for Sisaye!!! she'll be here before you know it!! can't wait to see you guys!! i love you!!


Julie said...

I LOVE THIS! Come here to your aunt Boolie:).

Jennifer said...

what a good little helper!! :)