Tuesday, August 25, 2009

48 Hours

The amount of time Chris has been back at work and we (the three of us) have been going it alone.

The first 24 hours:

Dad makes pancakes before everyone else wakes up. A clear hit.
Unfortunately, this was the highlight of the day until 4 pm.

. . . . .

D refuses to come in from our morning walk. Since Mama is not about to haul 50 lbs of kiddlettes up three flights of stairs, she pulls the old, "Fine, I'll just leave you here" trick.

Utter failure. This picture was taken 5 minutes into mama's hiding behind the door:

He hasn't turned around once.

Ten minutes later, given the choice between being walking up the stairs or receiving a time out, D voluntarily walks up the stairs and places himself in time out.

Something was clearly lost in the communication of choices.

. . . . .

Summary of first 24 hours: Mama cried twice, Dinkeneh cried way more than that, Saye smiled. The day didn't improve until 4 pm, when we met our friends at the park and Dad came home. And then it got even better thanks to yummy offerings from this lovely lady.

The second 24 hours:

9:00 am finds us here (Mama got smart):

D requests a sidewalk chalk number line, then proceeds to run the gauntlet.

Unexplained book disaster. Still trying to figure this one out,
but big brother might hold the answer.

. . . . .

In an effort to thwart the Great Vegetable Boycott of . . . Forever,
Mama hides peas in the quesadilla. He has magical powers, apparently. Didn't even take a bite. And can I just say how difficult it is to be vegetarian with a child who won't eat vegetables?!

Summary of second 24 hours: Mama didn't cry, Dinkeneh only cried at bedtime, Saye smiled (and projectile vomited once).



Jess said...

Some days are just about survival! I usualy cry on those days too!

cathy said...


it gets better. really. i'm not lying. it will.

considering all you've been through i'd say you deserve to cry a whole lot more.

hugs and kisses to D on his whole worlld turning upside down. hugs and kisses to you too.

Chatter said...

You cried only twice? You are doing good mama! And I'm so impressed you've went to the park twice now. I need some of your ambition.

Jules said...

Aw. Wish I was there to help! I miss them both already - you live way too far away:).

Cindy said...

: )
totally awesome! I can't believe he spied peas in the cheese....smart boy! he he he he

Aunt Em said...

Hahaha...you just made me laugh out loud with this one. And I work in a cubicle. After 3 weeks of work I've already scared everyone into thinking I'm crazy and laugh by myself for no reason. Dang you! :)

Rachel said...

I think our children have been swapped. In a household of meat-eater, Gabriel doesn't eat meat. Beans, yes. Veggies, totally. Meat, ick. Everyone looks adorable. Especially liked D's timeout story.

AnnMarie & Nick said...

It will get easier. In the mean time keep entertaining us with your stories:)

Ashley said...

I totally feel for you. The times I am alone with two under age two are definitely challenging. Hang in there!

Jennifer said...

We are usually the only ones at the park so early...I'm with you on that! Glad your second day went so much better!
oh, and my girls won't eat quesadillas even withOUT the peas!

Stacey said...

Could they be any cuter? I love that you took a picture of D in his time out. And I have totally been there. Ran out of wipes one time and was a sobbing mess with two kids going to the Target. BTW, I'm dying to know how things went in ET that you were so lucky to bring your sweet girl home!

Aunt Em said...

I just want to point out I love clicking on the pics since they get ginormous. And the one of the Book Disaster makes me laugh out loud every time since you can't see the expression on Saye's face until it is as large as the computer screen. I love it. :)

Nancy said...

Ain't life grand? :)

Leila Wylie said...

Hey there! We're getting started on our Ethiopian adoption journey and just stumbled across your blog. Very cool that y'all are vegetarians as well! My husband and daughter are, though I cheat way too much to be able to claim veg. =)

I'm looking forward to following your blog! I'll be starting ours in the next week, I hope.