Thursday, August 20, 2009


First pediatrician visit

First time on the swing

First "Show!"


Anonymous said...

so sweet in pink! i love the pouty lip in the first picture too!! and that hat!!?! LOVE it! I hope everyone is feeling better & i'm glad you finally posted something!! Can't wait to see you all!! Dinkeneh.....way to be a big brother!! show her all the fun spots to hide from mom & dad...& maybe even how to sneak up on the kitties!!!

aunt kate

Jess said...

Oh what a sweetie!!!!

Julie said...

I love it:). Can't wait to see you guys Saturday!

Ginny said...

AWWWW!!!!! I love the ladybug dress!

laugheveryday said...

What a sweet brother and sister!

Chatter said...

Thanks for the update of pictures. How's D doing? I've been thinking about him and all the change he's embarking upon. Hope mom & dad are doing well! And that life with 2 is going well. They are beautiful!