Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Futbol, Anyone?

One of my favorite things about having a spouse who works for a university are all the great sports we get to go watch (for free). Our first futbol (not to be confused with football) game of the year was an ND Women's game. I finally nabbed some pictures at our second game, an ND Men's Soccer match against Louisville. And yes, Jules, we won :). D is currently obsessed with all sports. The label "football" is given to both actual futbol and the American version. And much to our amusement, basketball and basketball goals are referred to as "shoots." You know, like "Shoot the ever-loving ball!", a phrase you are likely to hear mama yelling if you hang around our house during basketball season. When we tried to leave the Women's game a few weeks ago, D began begging for "more" before we even got out of the stands. I love having a kiddo who loves sports.


Favorite Uncle said...

Keep going to those women soccer games as two of your stars on the team are graduates of my school!! I taught both of them! You should go and introduce yourself to them!!

Favorite Uncle

Anonymous said...

I love their jackets!!! Where did you get them!!!?! Too cute. I can't wait to see you guys. Hopefully it works out!!! Call me!!



shell said...

you are so smart to start early. i have no idea if our kids would sit through a game because we haven't even tried! :)

Bethany said...

She looks really great! From July (when I saw her in ET) she looks GREAT!!!! Glad she's home. Way to fight momma.