Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Like They Always Say

One man's trash is another woman's treasure:

Welcome to the family, Biniam. We have high expectations for you.


cathy said...

does she really sleep like that? how precious!!!!

Christina said...

i know, i know, it totally looks staged. but that's exactly how i found her when i went to check on her halfway through nap time. and note that i did not point out the sudden absence of his pajama pants. no idea how she got those off... :)

Cindy said...

Our dolly like that (his name is Dolly) has always remained naked and mostly untouched. Poor Dolly. However, Tsega has taken to sleeping with our girl doll (Mimi). He always prefers females. :)

Your D is doing great! Counts and alphabets better than my dudes, for sure. Me and J have always kind of sucked at teaching our kids much. We spend all our time breaking up fights and getting kids out of messes they create!

Your 2 are so cute!!! Funny, they look alike!