Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween '09 Recap

We started the day with a Halloween brunch at our friends' house. Yummy offerings (including some amazing cheese grits) and even yummier conversations. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera. Forgetfulness may have been the result of distractions created by the following:

Someone objected to his Franklin costume; well, actually, he objected to all his costume choices. Check out this face:

So, after suiting him up in some holiday-themed everyday clothing, we headed off to our brunch and then our one-house-trick-or-treating extravaganza (otherwise known as, we-have-to-go-grocery-shopping-as-we-are-out-of-food-and-the-kids-will-never-know-the-difference extravaganza)

Our lucky one-house winners:

But apparently, one house was just not enough once D realized that candy was on offer:

So off Dad went with the two littles to do some additional trick-or-treating (seriously, all the man wanted to do was score some more candy for himself :) )

We followed up the brief outing and subsequent grocery shopping with some delicious goodies suggested by fellow bloggers:

Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes with cranberry butter (thanks Carrie!)

A huge hit with the littlest

Devil-Pumpkin Muffins (thanks Stacy!)

And of course, a touch of the local with some cranberry offerings from nearby
round barn winery.

All in all, a very yummy and mostly happy Halloween.


Cameron and Megan said...

loving the skunk costume! what a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were neighbours with Shelli and family. That is awesome. Wahat a beautiful place to live.
Cute costumes - maybe he will have more fun wearing one next year. ;)

Mama Papaya said...

I am liking this one house idea...

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I love the skunk outfit. And I also love how D is being led up to the first house and then, once realizing candy is given freely at front doors, he thinks, "Forgot you guys!" and heads to the next house with no supervision. I love my niece and nephew!

Aunt Em