Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Walk in the Snow

I've really struggled getting both kidlettes out of the house this winter, especially since we don't ever really have any place to be. In my own defense, c'mon, it takes about 30 minutes to get us all ready to go out, including having to strap a coated Sisaye Claire into the Ergo over my own giant coat and scarf (since the girl refuses to walk, a subject for another post) so that I can chase down my son, who has now entered the toddler phase of "Yeah, I heard you. What's your point?" Oy vey. Then I have to lug us all through the never-ending snowdrifts down the block and back, at which point we're all freezing and ready to go inside. Double oy vey. Okay, really, I'm ready to go inside. Dinkeneh would probably remain outside until he contracted a case of entire-body frostbite. But since I still pony up for the co-pay, we play by my rules. Mostly. Anyway, a mama I very much admire (and to whom I really do plan on sending an email) kindly took the time to outline her SAHM daily routine for me, and it included, *gasp*, time outside. Every day. And like I said, since I admire her (and believe she has held on to her sanity longer than I have), I have attempted to incorporate this little nugget into our non-existent routine (unless you count lunch as a routine). So in the interest of documentation (and to provide myself with photographic evidence that this really is a good idea), I give to you one of our snowy day walks:

Pre-walk excitement

Off he goes...

D's favorite phrase of late: "Whas in dhere? Fish in dhere, mama?"

Excitement over.

I couldn't resist. Any guesses what he's doing?

The end.


Elizabeth Rose said...

Picture #1: Rock on little sister!!!
Picture #2: On a mission...
Picture #3: Sooo handsome :)
Picture #4: Typical.
Picture #5:Dinkeneh Curiosity Frederick
Picture #6: :)
Picture #7: Scout it out.
Picture #8: The cuteness.
Picture #9: So handsome. Haha no...Ex-lax?
Picture #10: Sleeping beauty.

LOVE this post. Good for you sis, I'm sure they love it even though at the end they're wiped and a little er...strained. :)

cathy said...

Is he pooping? He looks kinda blissed out over it. Too funny. Gah! The bundling up for such a short excursion, I know. I remember when we lived in Mpls. taking walks around the block. They felt completely stupid (to me) but the fresh air usually did Carver good. I raise my glass to you.

Chatter said...

Outdoor time does wonders for my kids. Not just on a physical level but especially for some Vitamin D. It's probably a lot harder living up north. I love the Oklahoma weather because going outside is so easy most of the time. After growing up in Indiana the winters down here feel so mild. So good for you for taking on the cold air!! I hope it continues to work out. Also, I love reading all your sisters comments - too sweet!

Chandra :)

Jules said...

Way to go with the walks! I think I have to agree that D looks like he's pooping. Love the pics:)

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute - in case you haven't noticed ;)

I think he is peeing his pants.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! Her pre-walk excitement!?!? Please find Chris' shirt hysteria picture and compare the two!!!! It is scary!!! Too cute on all the pics though!! Gotta love what a little bit of exercise will do to ya!! hahaha. Love and miss you guys!!

Aunt Kate

Cindy said...

Lady, I soooo know where you are coming from. And times when I chase everybody down and beg, plead, cry real tears, to come and get ready to go outside and they just say NO TOO COLD! Ugh! What happened to my nature boys? Where did the sun go? This is not natural, not natural. And yeah, at 3.5, my Sira still will not take walks. Instead, he sits on his bum until I give in--I always give in--and go pick him up. No fun, no fun.

Christina said...

And the poopers have it! Yes, he was filling his pants in that picture. Lovely, eh?

Mark and Sarah said...

I admire you going out in the frigid cold--you know it doesn't get "that" cold out here so I have it quite a bit easier since we don't have to bundle so much. The kids love it though. And at least over here, the boys nap better when they've been outside and that's always worth it.