Monday, January 25, 2010

How Was Your Day, Dear?

The Official Time Out Corner
(coffee doesn't count)

A question Chris need never ask, thanks to the Time Out Corner. Want to know how my day went? Just take a gander at said Time Out Corner and count the occupants for your answer. No, no, not children (although, oh, boy, wouldn't that be nice?). Rather, the toys sent to time out for failure to follow mama's instructions (bad toys). Of course, you'll need the rubric first:

0 toys = "My day was flippin' fantastic, dear! How was your day?! Can I get you anything?"
1 toy = "Yeah, my day was pretty good. How 'bout yours?"
2 toys = "My day was just okay. Yours?"
3 toys = "Could have been better. You?"
4 toys = "It was not a good day."
5+ toys = "Why didn't you answer your phone? Do you have any idea what kind of day I've had? D threw all the toys into the toilet, Sisaye fell down the stairs, D got into the fridge and smeared butter all over the floor, when I was cleaning that up Sisaye threw macaroni all over the playroom, Sisaye wouldn't sleep for the first hour of her nap, and just when she went to sleep, D woke up from his. I quit. If you need me, I'll be upstairs with a bottle of wine. You'd better not need me for the next hour."

The Unofficial Time Out Corner
(when the item just won't fit)


*Jess* said...

uh-oh... so it was a 4 toy day? I hope tomorrow is better!

(I put toys on top of the fridge and forget about them all the time!)

Jane said...

Hmmm, interesting how on this day only balls ended up in the time out corner(s):)

Kimberley said...

We used to have toy time out too! (ours was on top of the tv) Oh how I don't miss those days! Hoping for a 0 day for you!!!

Cindy said...

That is a great idea : )

Mama Papaya said...

10+ Hi. I'm out in front of your office. Let's trade.

Anonymous said...

This is VERY belated, because I'm going back in your posts to figure out Sisaye's actual birthday.

But, belated or no, do you guys drink that coffee? Or is it for gifts? I thought you were still a non-coffee gal?

Christina said...

Gifts :).