Monday, January 25, 2010

The Perfect Orange Basketball

D's favorite Christmas present was also free (at least for me). My mom unearthed my brothers' old basketball goal from the attic, cleaned it up and ordered a few more balls, and it was the clear hit of Christmas. He could have cared less about the other gifts we gave him. Note to self: one gift each will probably do it for next year, and clearly I should leave my mom in charge.

For the past few weeks, we have heard all manner of interesting sayings being shouted from the playroom:

  • Shoot Atticus! (Interpretation: I would like to shoot the ball with Atticus, please.)
  • Shoot ball Betsy! (Sorry Betsy; I did try to explain that you were not really into basketball.)
  • Shoot it DOWNTOWN! (Said while sitting on the top of the changing table. We can thank Chris for that one.)
  • Trick shot! (Said while perching in any number of precarious positions, like balancing on the Bilibo, on a stack of books, standing in the macaroni tub, etc.)
  • Nothin' net! (Said anytime the ball hits the net.)
  • Slam dunk! (Said while using the Bilibo to reach the rim.)

Thanks to an instructional session by Chris, D can also name all the various parts of the goal, including the post and the backboard. It's a trip, I tell you. Now if we could only improve his underhanded form....

Trick Shot

Slam Dunk

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Rachel said...

Sooo cute. What is it with little boys and their sports?