Sunday, February 28, 2010

Missing Grandmom

Dear Grandmom,

We had a great time playing games and reading books with you. You send the best gifts! Mama says we are also supposed to say thank you for the discussion about nice manners and eating oatmeal. We'd rather not. We hope you come back to see us soon. Our house looks much better after you made Dada hang all those pictures. You should really, really come more often. You make magical things happen! (Well, except for those purported cheese wafers, but we're thinking that was mainly mama's doing.)

Dinkeneh & Sisaye Claire

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Anonymous said...

I am soooo jealous...especially when I called and D said "Hello, GrandMOM!" I, of course, reminded him I was Grandma, but it took some convincing. Okay, I guess I'll share:) Glad you enjoyed the visit...hope I am next!! And good luck with house selling...we will send some prayers for you, Jane and Larry. Oh, have you heard about burying a statue (upside down, I believe)of St. worked (once) for my niece and her husband:) Give Dinkeneh and Sisaye hugs and kisses from GrandMA:)