Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where Did We Go?

Down to Kentucky to visit Grandpa and Grandma, then over to St. Louis to welcome Grandmom and Granddad to their new home state of Missouri, then back up to South Bend just in time to pick up Grandmom from the airport for a visit. Whew. No wonder we're all so tired!

D slam dunking while my baby brother Michael (the last in elementary, oy vey!) looks on.

The kidlettes dining in the grandparents' new, not-even-unpacked-a-little-bit house. After this picture, we put the kids to work...watching The Wiggles.


Anonymous said...

Is that a tiny little table and chairs!?!!?


Christina said..., i wish. Jane & Larry just happened to have a smallish table and chairs that worked while we were there.