Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Sweetness


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Dinkeneh, if looks could kill.....I think you might be a goner little guy!!! Miss Sisaye, all I can say is....Classic!!!! And maybe you've spent too much time around Aunt Elizabeth!?! :) Just teasing Willy!! I love you guys!!

Aunt Kate

cathy said...

Sisaye looks like Dr. Seuss may be a little too abstract for her!

Anonymous said...

So if I remember right, you boasted 20-something pairs of babylegs.......and I haven't seen baby Saye in ONE pair!!!! I love those things!

Where, oh where have the babylegs gone
where, oh where can they be?!!?

Christina said...

First, I'd love you to un-anonymize yourself. Second, I know, I know...I should put her in more than the rainbow ones. The bummer is, I have mostly boy-themed babylegs. They don't really match any of her onesies/dresses/skirts. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

What!!!?!? It's only the best Aunt in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!

love ya,


p.s. I'll have to fix that little problem ;) *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I believe today is Thursday.

(aka, Best Aunt in the whole entire world;))

Brooke said...

Great facial expressions!!!