Saturday, July 31, 2010

Growing Things

This is our first year with a yard, and thus, our first peep-eye garden.  There was some nail biting folks, without question.  And we did have some crop failures.  But we are puffed up with pride at what our wee garden has been able to produce this year:

And those, in turn, have helped these lovely creatures to grow:

When, oh when, did they get so big?  We are so thankful, and so, so privileged to be called their parents.


Cindy said...

Good growing family! Hope to talk to you soon!

Stefani said...

Good food and gorgeous kiddos!

Anonymous said...

They're growing like weeds!!! Weren't they supposed to stay little forever?! Didn't anyone tell them this?!!? Miss you guys lots! Hope to see you soon!

Love ya!

shell said...

your garden looks SO good!! mine is embarrassing to post pictures of. :)