Friday, July 23, 2010

Vacation Part 2: Springfield, Somewhere in Kansas, Kansas City

As usual these days, I somehow neglected to take any photos of the Springfield, Missouri or Kansas portion of the trip - and seriously.  Absolutely no idea where the hell we were in Kansas.  We attended a once-every-five-years reunion on my dad's side, and were in and out of the state in four hours total.  Hopefully I'll score photos from Dad or one of the girls someday, but for now, Uncle Dick in KC gets to steal all the glory.  Please note:  If you have a dog, my daughter will love you.

Playing ball at Aunt Cindy's new house

Did I mention this child is totally smitten with her papa?  And I *think* he might be totally smitten with her.

Quit trying to encroach on Dad's turf, Em.  Desperation does not become you.


Cindy said...

He is smitten. She makes it easy : )

Anonymous said...

Why did Aunt Em get a good picture?!?!? Is it cuz I don't TAKE good ones.....shoot. i'll try harder next time!!