Monday, July 26, 2010

Vacation Part 4: Aunt Katie, Brainerd, Minnesota

We had a blast visiting Aunt Katie, who lives way too far away for our liking.  We hiked a very small part of the Paul Bunyan Trail, played a little sand volleyball, and met some of Katie's lovely coworkers.  Not to mention the movie night, grilling out, and ice cream treats at The Chocolate Ox.  The kidlettes are smitten with their Aunt Katie.  We miss you Kate!

Sisaye wanted a "flower" in her hair, and Aunt Katie happily obliged.

Ready to move on in style.

Finishing up the walk.

Katie teaching Chris and Dinkeneh how to play volleyball.

Perusing the candy at The Chocolate Ox.

Because I'm the big sister.  And because I can.  Muahahahaha.

We love you Katiebug!


Jules said...

Aha ha ha ha! Love you, Kate!

Anonymous said...

seriously......will i ever stop being tortured?!?!

I miss you guys sooo much!!! Can't wait to see you guys again, hopefully soon!! Give the kiddos hugs & kisses for me! And promise them ice cream from me ANY time they want ;)

Love you guys!

p.s.chris, volleyball wanted to know if you would be visiting again anytime soon :-S, i told them we'd have a lot of persuading to do.....