Sunday, August 8, 2010

2-Going-On-3 Big Boy

D has been super proud of his many "big boy" accomplishments of late.  An illustration:

Note the serious, "big boy" expression, 
slightly spoiled by the lips pursed in an attempt not to smile.

And this would be the 2-going-on-3 attitudinal expression.

We are starting to see more evidence of all the ways D is going to exert his 3-year-old independence (tantrums, refusal to cooperate, blank stares or looking at the ceiling in avoidance, etc.).  I am admittedly getting a bit nervous, but it hasn't escalated to the "Oh dear heavens where did my sweet child disappear to?" stage.  Right now, I am (quietly) finding lots of humor in the 2-year-old D warning his parents and sister that the 3-year-old D is about to put in an appearance.  What am I talking about?  Some examples:

"I am going to push Sisaye Claire!"  (at which point he runs at her full tilt, and she screams and falls down in anticipation)

"I will throw it to the basump!"  (interpretation:  basement)

"I'm going to throw it to the floor!"  (said in reference to all rejected foods)

Or perhaps my favorite:

"I am pouting!"  At which point he walks to a corner, turns his face away from us, and adopts a frown.

I am busy stocking up on the red wine in preparation for the next 14+ months.

Please feel free to send donations.


Jules said...

Aw. It's going to be AWE-SOME!:)

Stacy said...

oh shivers. Lucy is 5 and i am still not quite over the 3's. Had I known at the time that the 3's were evil and that they do end it would have been better (i think). I was caught by surprise and a little hopeless. Let me tell you, store up that alcohol, drink it before the pain gets too bad and hold on. When the ride stops you'll look back and wonder how such a cute lil'ol kid could make you want to drink so very much.

Anonymous said...

Look MR.!!!! YOu better just STOP growing right now!! I mean it, i've had it with you getting bigger!! And christina, i would love to tell you if you ever need someone to drink with you i'm there....but.......well, we all know what happens with me & wine :-S. We don't mix well. BUT!!! if you ever just want company, i'm all over that!! i'm sure i could coax chris into a beer or two with me :):) Love you guys!!!


Anonymous said...

Just don't have a clue what lies ahead....thank goodness ignorance is bliss:) Love you! Grandma