Sunday, August 8, 2010


One year ago today, we traveled to Durame with little hope of meeting our daughter's special person.

We were wrong.

She was there.

We are so grateful for being given that chance.

A chance to say thank you.

A chance to say I'm sorry.

A chance to share hopes and dreams for this little girl we all love so tremendously.

A chance to own the truth for her, with all its joy and sorrow.

Tonight we light a candle next to a photo.

Tonight we share, even if she can't yet comprehend.

Tonight, and every night, we pray that they know she is well, and so, so loved.


Jess said...


Cindy said...

Jess is right. Beautiful.

Jules said...

Tears. Love you, Sisaye Claire:).

Anonymous said...

Wow. I know it falls short by a thousand words on how this post truly makes me feel but it's the best i've got. I love you Sisaye Claire!!!

Aunt Katie

P.s. Thank you

Anonymous said...

We are so lucky to have you, Sweet Girl! And we are so blessed your "first family" was so giving...I pray for them and your brother's "first family" every day!! Kisses and hugs to ALL of you:) Grandma (nana bread!!!)

Mama Papaya said...

Perfect, Christina. Absolutely perfect.

Amber said...

So sweet. :')

Anonymous said...

WHAT is this i hear about Miss Sisaye Claire saying FULL sentences!?!?!! And i have not been on the call list?!?! I'm not very happy about this!! I will be calling to talk to my favorite niece about this!

Aunt Katie