Friday, January 7, 2011

In Which Dinkeneh Goes to School!

Dinkeneh started school on Monday.  He has been begging to go for about three months.  We (meaning me) were dragging our feet, since I have an advanced degree in elementary education, and couldn't I do a better job at home?  Turns out, not so much.  He is loving it.  He attends MWF for about two hours in the mornings, and for the past four days he has seemed happier, more relaxed, had better manners, and is much more cooperative than in the past three months of threedom.  His classroom is very tiny (about 8 students), and there are generally between 2 and 4 adults in the room at any given time.  Awesomeness.  My favorites of the week:

(Before going into school)

When we got to school, his name was already on a locker (spelled correctly, woot!) and he found it himself, ripped off his coat, and rushed into his classroom.

(After school with Sisaye wearing the Happy New Year hat he made)

When I went to tell him I was leaving, he waved a hand in the air and yelled, "See you later, Mama!" without even turning around from the books he was checking out.  Ouch.

(He yelled, "Happy New Year!" and an impromptu dance party ensued.)

When I picked him up from school the first day, his teacher laughingly told me that when she took him to the restroom, he looked at her and said, "Teacher, I really just want to go to the gym."  Good grief.

(Still dancing.)

When he saw us after school on that first day, he said, "Sisaye, I'm so happy to see you!" and proceeded to hold her hand for the entire drive home.

(Smiles are hard to come by with this kidlette, but this was a good one.  Apologies for the chewed food.)

He also said, "Mama, I'm happy to see you!" but the Sisaye quote with hand-holding is way cuter.

(Practicing his letter writing after lunch.)

When Chris asked him what he did at school, he said, "I walked around."  Huh?

When Chris dropped Dinkeneh off for his second day of school, the teacher had created a special reading area for Dinkeneh with a ton of books she thought he would like, because he spent so much time with the books on the first day.  How great is that?!

When we asked Dinkeneh what he did during his second day of school, he told us that the animals crawled in the mitten.  He then listed several of the animals (bear, fox, rabbit, mouse?) and then yelled, "And they STRETCHED IT OUT!" complete with this very fierce sounding "GRRRRRR" while pulling his fists apart.  I'm guessing there was a resistance band activity in there somewhere.  What a hoot.  He had never shown interest in The Mitten before (we've owned it for awhile).  When I told him we owned the book and it was on his bookshelf, he leaped down from his chair and sprinted to the playroom to find it.  I found him reading it several times today.  Love it.

And apologies for the craptastic photos.  Some events are like that; too busy in the moment to get a good shot.  I suppose that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Sprout eats books. Still. Eats.Them! D0 you think she and little D can have a sit down? He could teach her a few things. : )

As always, I love reading along. Hope Dinkeneh continues to have a great time in school and all is well with you guys.

Take Care,

kate said...

I am so proud of you Dinkeneh!! And excited for you!! Can't wait to hear more stories :)

Aunt Kate

p.s. Does his shirt say EAT MY SNOW?!?!!?! That's awesome :)

Cindy said...

Yeah Dinkeneh! Happy school days!

Mama Papaya said...

I heart this. Dammit!

Love that your big boy is enjoying his big school adventure as well as knowing that you are having some girl time with your little miss.

Jill said...

I LOVE that he's loving school so much!!!!!!! :) SOOO cute!!! Also love that his teacher already is so in-tune w/ him and encouraging such a + experience...SUCH peace of mind!! Yay!!!! :) Yay yay yay for such a + start to the new year & new school!!! SMILES!!!!