Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 11: Entoto Mountain, The Lime Tree, and Pancakes

On Saturday, we made a new friend, Eivor, who was in transit from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she works for an NGO, to her native Finland (I think).  We decided to go out exploring, and found our way to the top of Entoto Mountain.  We took a tour of the museum and palace, and then walked around the church for a bit.

Dinkeneh walking down the steps to the palace with Solomon, our driver:

I so wish this photo had turned out better.  Darn the low lighting.  Do make note of the sign above the kidlettes' heads:

Some of the painted wood around the church:

The view heading down the mountain:

Sisaye's portrait of me as we drove down the mountain:

Next, we headed to the Lime Tree restaurant for a culinary change.  For those not familiar with the Lime Tree, it offers more Western fare.  Sisaye went crazy with the camera.  This is Eivor, our new friend.  A funny anecdote:  Eivor is at least six feet tall, and she kept getting comments...about her hair!  She was in stitches over it, since it made a nice change of pace from the normal comments she receives.

We tried to treat the four of us to a slice of chocolate cake, but Sisaye and Dinkeneh snagged the parental shares before we could stop them.  Bummer for us, heaven for them :).

After the Lime Tree, we returned to the guest house for naps.  We weren't all that hungry that evening, but Chris decided to treat the kidlettes (and the guest house staff) to pancakes.  Turns out, Ethiopians do not like as much syrup as we do :).  Sisaye took most of the photos that evening, and I love the perspective.  It's easy to forget what it's like to be only 90ish centimeters tall.

Nati and Etsub checking out the action:

Eating pancakes:

The living room of the guest house:


Anonymous said...

Very cute photos. Besides being new partens to now 4 kids (which is probbably exciting enough), your trip sounds super fun and adventurous.

Jane said...

Love Sisaye's view of the bowl and pancake mix! Not surprised the two littles were begging for their dad's pancakes:-) Luckily you found the needed supplies.