Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 12: Laundry and Watermelon

Just another day hanging around the guest house.  Chris picked up some watermelon for me and Sisaye.  It wasn't very sweet, and it was very pricey, so I don't think we'll be making that purchase again anytime soon.  I'll just stick with delicious mangoes, thank you very much.

Now, don't let this laundry pic fool you.  Chris and I were working together on washing the laundry, when Chris suddenly let out a "Holy cow."  Turns out, Chris is allergic to...laundry?  detergent?  cold water?  %@#$?  Whatever the cause, his hands turned stoplight red, his fingers swelled up like sausages, and hundreds of hives ran from his wrist to his elbow.  Not to worry:  a quick dose of Benadryl and an application of hydrocortizone cream cleared it up in about 15 minutes.  And loving wife that I am, I was actually irritated that it cleared up before I could snap a photo.  Don't worry Mom; I really was taking care of your son :). 

Lucky me, to get to do laundry solo for the next few weeks.  I'm thinking my payment should be chocolate.  Anyone want to courier some over here?


Jane said...

Yep, it is now 100% certain he is related to this Allergy Queen! Most likely soap is the culprit. Sorry Christina, guess I owe you a few chocolate bars when you return!

Cindy said...

Oh my....glad you brought the benedryl. Loving all the updates : )

Anonymous said...

Are you ok? Maybe you are takeing a trip? Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

you totally stole emily's t-shirt!!! hahahaha!! nice!
Love you guys!! can't wait to give all 6 of you hugs & kisses!!

Aunt Katie

Miss you lots!!!