Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 14: Ice Cream and Cookies

We ventured out of the guest house today with Eivor.  We took the blue minibuses for the first time, and darn if I didn't snag a picture.  It was actually very easy, though we didn't have to do the return trip.  We're in Gerji, so we headed first to Bole, and then to the Piazza.  And I'm apparently all sorts of mixed up, since I thought that the Lion of Judah statue is in the Piazza.  Nopedy nopedy nope.  We did walk uphill for quite a ways, carrying both kidlettes, so it was nice to get some exercise.  We tried to go to Serenade, which is supposed to be one of the best restaurants in town, but sadly, it's only open for dinner.  Since it was only 2:00 pm, we met up with a friend of Eivor's and he drove us up to Top View, which is also supposed to be a good restaurant.  The kidlettes finally scored what they've been begging for:  mac and cheese.  And it was the best dinner out of everything we ordered, go figure :).  Don't get me wrong, the other meals were good, but they certainly have a way with mac and cheese.

We finished up the meal with some delicious ice cream.

Now as you would expect, the view from Top View is pretty great:

But the best thing by far was the playground!  Kudos to the restaurant that thought to install a fenced-in playground with a view.  If anyone is coming to Addis with small children, I highly recommend Top View for the view (duh), the ice cream, and the playground.  For about $25, we had two adult entrees, two kids' entrees, two macchiatos, two Ambos with gas, and two ice cream desserts.

Sisaye took some of her own photos during the day:

We finished off the day by visiting an art gallery and buying some cookies at the local grocery store.


Jules said...

I am super loving Sisaye's perspective. Dinkeneh seems happy in the pics, too. Hope you all are enjoying your time. Miss you.

Chatter said...

I'm so amazed at what you've accomplished thus far. I hope the kiddos are sleeping good for ya and you all are having a nice time. I can't wait to talk with ya!

Jolene said...

I am loving following your trip!! Keep it coming ;)