Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 16: Kidlettes Big and Kidlettes Little

Thursday we got to spend more time with the tiny kidlettes. And yes, for the record, I feel decidedly weird always having to lop off their heads in photos.

The first thing that happened after our arrival: Chris found the most fantastic toy ever. In Sisaye speak, it was, “So. Awesome.”

Baby T and Baby A had fun playing with some age-appropriate toys we brought along. (For those who know our as yet un-named agency, be aware that there are very few age appropriate toys for tiny ones in the family meeting room. You may want to bring some with you.) Baby T is a master cruiser, who can also pull himself to a standing position and lower himself to a sitting position. Go Baby T! Or should it be Toddler T? Yikes. Baby A, on the other hand, is fairly immobile. We were able to have some successful tummy time, which she tolerated with only a mild grunt of discomfort (probably from the pressure on that adorable belly :) ).

We tried working with Baby T on block stacking, but he really just wanted to eat them. Nice.

We were unexpectedly treated to a concert courtesy of Dinkeneh and Sisaye Claire.

And by the time we headed home, the big kidlettes (and I'm imagining the tiny kidlettes, too) were completely done in.


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful!

Cindy said...

I am thinking toddler T maybe.......cannot wait to hear more!