Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 17: Heading Down South

We left bright and early Friday morning to head South. We stopped for lunch at a hotel with a grassy area, and the kidlettes were in heaven.

Along the way, there was much excitement as we identified real-life scenes with the photos in E is for Ethiopia. An example: Aheyas (donkeys) carting wares. You should have heard the shrieking. They were also extremely excited (the kidlettes, not the donkeys) to spy many traditional houses. Fun!

What's not so fun? Keeping your children safe when there are no carseats, no seatbelts, and lots of interesting things out the window.

We arrived in Hosanna in late afternoon, and spent the remainder of the day visiting some old haunts of Dinkeneh's. Here he is checking out the care center where he lived for a bit. There is a photo of it in his lifebook, and he was so. pumped.

We ate dinner and hit the sack.


Mama Papaya said...

I feel anxious on your behalf about the carseat situation. I would probably have to use duct tape on one of mine. Maybe both.

Hope the rest of the trip south went well.

Thinking of you guys.

cathy said...

Gulp. The care center in Hosanna. Did you bawl? That is the hardest place for me in every respect. Just so, so hard. I love that you have a pic of him there smiling. So healing for my heart.

Anonymous said...

I like the duct tape idea ;) How did D feel seeing the care center? Were any of his nannies still there?

Cindy said...

I found....after living a month in Uganda....that I got less worried about the car seat thing. I shouldn't have mind you...and I would NEVER let my kids go unrestrained normally but....LOL.
I agree it is nerve wracking!
Cannot wait to hear about the trip down south!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!! never seen so many smiles on that boy!! can't wait to see you all and give hugs and kisses! love you guys! stay safe and i'm LOVIN' the updates!!

Aunt katie