Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 19, Part II: To Awassa We Go

To say we were all done by the time we headed out of M----- would be a gross understatement. We decided to head across the mountains to Awassa. We had some reservations about going this route, since the road is still under construction, but it actually ended up being fine, albeit bumpy.

Given how stressed out and exhausted everyone was, we decided to blow the budget and spring for a spendy resort in Awassa: the Lewi Resort.   It was a great decision.  Here are the kidlettes' faces after being told they would get to go swimming:

We got to feed some monkeys, and then we were off to swim in the somewhat chilly waters of the pool.

Awassa is seriously one of the nicest towns we've been to in Ethiopia. It's a resort area, so I suppose that makes sense.  What do I mean by "nicest"?  Well, the streets are mostly paved (which makes traveling without seatbelts a bit easier), and there is lots of grass, very little mud/dust, and very little litter.  

Here is a view of Lake Awassa from our resort:

We had a great dinner by the lake. Sisaye Claire scored her first soda (don't judge until you've lived through the 48 hours we just had). She was ecstatic.

We inspected the fountains on the lake.

Then we (and our food) were attacked by bugs, so we headed back to the room to finish our meal in relative peace.  After that, we hit the sack.


Anonymous said...

What a great trip. Your kids are so cute! They must have some awesome parents to be on a trip like that.

Mama Papaya said...

Think of you guys. About what unspokenly leads to sodas. And letters. And family. You are in my thoughts. A lot.