Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 5: Church and Chilling

No photos this day, and not a lot to talk about.  I went with Katia, another guest at the house, to a local Ethiopian Christian church, while our husbands stayed behind with the kids.  It was an experience.  Before attending, I asked if the service was four hours long (since I wasn't sure if we were attending an Orthodox church or something different).  I was assured that it was not long.  Turns out, I should have clarified their definition of "long."  Two and a half hours isn't so bad...when you can understand what the heck is going on.  The singing at the beginning was amazing.  The multiple speeches and offering collections for what appeared to be a building fund was interesting.  This included a presentation of the building permit from one of the eight apparent pastors to another pastor.  Then there was the actual sermon (I think), when a pastor actually came back to sit with us and pointed out each relevant verse in the Bible.  There were many.  Just when I though things were wrapping up, about a hundred children came in, and they had their own pastor (who was maybe ten?).  He proceeded to preach (I think?) for about twenty minutes.  He could have auditioned for a televangelist position in the U.S.  Seriously unbelievable poise on stage in front of at least 500 people.  Bear in mind that everything was in Amharic, and church was being held in the concrete underground of what appeared to be a building under construction.  Like I said, it was an experience.  Probably not one in which I'll be participating again anytime soon, but it was great to have gone once.

That was about it for our Sunday.  We spent the rest of the day relaxing, and constantly reminding Dinkeneh that we were still working on obtaining a basketball goal for him.  Fun times :).

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